Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dinner In Destin

We visited Florine, Saint, and their daughter Alexandra during home leave.  It was such a hardship, as they live in Destin, Florida.  Surprisingly, this was my first visit to the state.

Second night there, we walked to McGuire's Irish Pub.  The place was packed and noisy, but the food was delicious.  They had a loaf of dark wheat bread with honey butter for the table.  My plate and some others came with unremarkable salad.  Andreas had the sausage plate, which had four different kinds of sausage.  He couldn't finish it all, but each had a distinct flavor.  I had prime rib, a huge slab of meat which I shared around.  The asparagus was mine, too.  Asparagus was well cooked but not overcooked, and obviously steamed, as it should be.  Prime rib was flavorful, juicy, and not very fatty.  Saint had the barbecued ribs.  Normally, I don't like pork ribs, but these were an exception.  They have a smoker that they use to cook them, and the difference was noticeable.  Florine had the chicken pot pie.  We walked around Destin's small harbor afterwards to let dinner digest and to look at the water.  A very wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

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