Friday, July 20, 2012


 Every time we're in Shreveport, Andreas insists we eat at least once at Monjuni's so he can get his salad.  Andreas is -not- a real salad eater.  Lettuce is not part of his food vocabulary.  This salad is, though, because it's full of smoked meats and olives and cheese and very, very light on lettuce.  His salad is the third picture in this post.

His parents had lasagne (top) and sausage spaghetti (below).  I find the sauce at Monjuni's very sweet, and while I love dipping garlic bread in it, it's not something I'd want on my pasta.  So I got the chicken sandwich (bottom picture).  It was flavorful and very, very filling.  I didn't finish it.  The bread crust was crisp, and the breading on the chicken was not soggy.  It was just huge.

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