Monday, August 13, 2012

Back To The Countryside

 A bunch of the embassy community took a trip to Hanul lui Hanganau, which we had stayed at in April.  We went back and had a wonderful lunch before getting to look at some sunflower and lavender fields.  The food was typical Moldovan and delicious.  Top is zeama, a chicken noodle soup. Next is a veggie salad.  Placinte in the northern style was next.  It's more fluffy and less greasy-feeling than the southern version.  Both, though, are spiced with dill.

Pork tocana with mamaligia was the main dish.  I just had the mamaligia, which is very similar to polenta.  They serve it with scrambled eggs, the local cheese, sour cream, and an oil and garlic mixture.  Everyone else said the pork was excellent.  There was also sarmele and dolma.  They're the same thing, except the rice and spices are wrapped in cabbage leaves for sarmele and grape leaves for dolma.  I prefer the cabbage leaves.

Last, and for dessert, were the clatite, basically crepes.  These ones were filled with sour cherries and topped with dollops of sour cream. They were soooo good!

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