Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dinner At Hotel Codru

The park from yesterday's post is directly across from the Hotel Codru.  While showing its age, the hotel is still one of the more important ones in the city.  Its restaurant, though, has just been renovated!  We went in June with David and Jessica just before they flew back to the US and had a baby boy.  Here's what we had.
 This is the assorted meat plate; the meat was freshly cut and not too salty or dry.  After that, the men had salad - Andreas his usual Greek.  

I had "baked chicken in a jar", which turned out to be chicken stroganoff with a nice puff pastry top.  Like most stroganoffs, it was pretty bland.  Nice comfort food, though.  The rest of them had pork.  Andreas' had a mango sauce with it; Jessica's had a creamy type. I still am not a fan.  David had the pork tocana, a local dish.  It's slow cooked and has a tomato base, too.

 With dessert, I had a cappucino.  This place is evidently known for it's dessert, an it was very good.  Mine was creme brulee; Jessica had the lava cake, and David had a a cheesecake slice.  So did Andreas.  All were up to American standard and very, very good!

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