Monday, August 13, 2012


At the end of June, we had dinner with Corrin at Buffalo Steak House.  We had salads.  The waiter was very confused when I did not want any meat in my ceasar salad. it's just not done in Moldova.  Presentation was lovely, and we ate outdoors.  Andreas ordered a cheese plate for us to split.  It was an unusual (for Moldova) selection of cheese because they've hired a French chef.  All the cheeses were French, Swiss, or Italian, and very good.  Corrin had pasta - her favorite dish.  It was excellent, and she had enough left over for lunch the next day.  Andreas had a hamburger.  He says Buffalo and Seasons are the two places in the country you can get a decent one.  You can see from the picture that it was huge.  My steak was better than most Moldovan, but it still wasn't up to the standard I grew accustomed to in Uruguay.  There, I got spoiled on beef.

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