Friday, August 03, 2012

Do You Fondue?

 As a splurge, our penultimate evening in Fort Worth was spent at The Melting Pot, a fondue place downtown.  It was definitely worth the price.  They have a prix fixe menu for three courses - cheese fondue, oil fondue, and chocolate dessert.  It also comes with a salad.  If you get a chance to go, do so!  Thank you, Mom, for taking us.

Each of the three of us had a different salad.  All were fresh and well presented.  I had a mango martini; that's the drink picture.  I''d definitely get it again.  It had mango bits in it.  Mom had a flight of wines to accompany her dinner, too.

Our cheese fondue came with an assortment of breads and veggies.  There was a choice of five or different kinds of cheese to dip them into.  You pick one for the table.  The cheese was great - it had some beer and garlic in the cheddar - and dipping things in was fun.
For the main course, you order three kinds of meat and each person gets his or her own plate, although I recommend mixing and matching between plates.  I had two kinds of steak (the bacon wrapped was best) and a chicken.  Andreas's special thing was gator meat, and Mom got coconut shrimp on hers.  They also come with dipping sauce and a breading sauce for the mushrooms.  It took about two to three minutes to cook each bit of food, allowing plenty of time for conversation and digestion.  Even then, none of us could finish our plates.

For dessert, we chose the Bailey's chocolate dip.  It was fabulous.  We got an assortment of fruit and pastries to put into it, an even got to toast marshmallows as the fondue was initially set alight.  Definitely a place I would go to again.


Cindy said...

What is the red,yellow & green striped thing on the plate? It is really pretty to look at.

Meg said...

It's a ravioli, and it was good, too! I agree they do an excellent job of plating. The plates looked almost too good to disturb.