Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Favorite Breakfast Place

 I love Ol' South Pancake House in Fort Worth.  It's got the best breakfasts, all southern style, every day all day.  The do good dinner food, too.  On Andreas' parents' last morning in Texas, we went to Ol' South with them and my mother.  Breakfast, as you can see from the pictures, was huge.  Crispy bacon, fluffy biscuits and pancakes, and awesome Dutch babies.  Next time we're in Fort Worth, we'll be back.  We'll even know how to get there, since they've been in the same location for fifty years.


pamelaric said...

Chicken fried steak and gravy!!! My favorite meal ever! I've loved following your meals out. I feel like I'm traveling with you. I started reading your blog when you were in South America. Love the stitching too. I love Church Street. I have since it was first introduced. Barbara and Cheryl also have other beautiful Charleston pieces that are screaming to be stitched. Thanks again for your wonderful blog posts.
(Tucson, AZ)

Meg said...

Thanks, Pamela, for following me on my journeys! I think I started that Church Street piece right after it came out, then put it aside for a decade before picking it up again. It's -going- to get done this time.