Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dining Textiles

A few days after we got back from Texas, we ate at Roata Vremii (Yes, really, two i's at the end.  One day I will explain Romanian  pronunciation.)  The first thing I noticed when we sat down was the table runner.  I made Andreas immediately take pictures before it was covered in food.  Although the embroidery goes all the way through the selvage, when you look at it carefully, you can see that it's done by hand.  Red and black on white are the traditional colors, and this particular design looks like pattern darning.  I'll chart it out some time this winter, when I have more time.  Anyway, thought you'd like to see some local embroidery!

An actual food review will follow tomorrow, along with pictures of their private tour of their museum a waiter gave us.  Fascinating.

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