Sunday, January 12, 2014

At Applebee's

 Since I have my photos in alphabetical and not chronological order, you will be seeing my food pics in that way.  This is what we had at Applebee's in Memphis.  We were just overnighting there after a too long drive and a traffic jam.  We also ended up in a less-than-wonderful neighborhood because Marriott didn't have anything decent in the area.  Anyway, to the food.

The restaurant was about a mile from the hotel and the employees were less than enthused about working.  We never did get used to American portion sizes and, as usual, ordered too much food.  The chips and queso were not too spicy but weren't very warm, either.  Andreas' pasta was meh, according to him.  My steak was rather tough but at least was not overcooked.  This was a totally unremarkable meal.

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