Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pretending To Be More

 When a place goes on about its artesanal drinks and then brings them to you in a bottle, you know it hasn't quite gotten the idea of chic down.  That's what happened at Eatcetera, a lunch place in Galveston.  The food was par for a quick lunch place, but the menu, while not lying, tried to make it sound like more than it was.  A ham and cheese ciabatta with an obscure cheese you've never heard of that's so mild you barely taste it is still just a ham and cheese ciabatta.  I understand the idea of wanting to build a reputation of cachet and exclusivity, but make it truly worth the hype.  Andreas' cubano was okay and there wasn't much in the way of special about it.  Please, restaurants, if you're going to hype your fare, live up to it!

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