Monday, January 27, 2014

Haute Mexican

 On our second night in Fort Worth, as the ice storm that locked us in the hotel for days after was starting, we had dinner at Lanny's, a new-ish restaurant on Seventh Street.  The food was absolutely excellent, and the service very attentive.

We had a baked bread appetizer; they gave us a little meatball amuse bouche.  My soup was spicy and calming both - perfect for a cold evening.

Mom had this beautiful plate of scallops.  She says that she occasionally dreams about them, they're so good.

I had duck breast.  The berry sauce was piquant and sweet at the same time, and the meat was very moist.  Andreas' fish was good, too, he said.

Mom's coffee was served in a French press.

My cappucino was warm and frothy.

The wine we split was also delicious.  Overall, it was an excellent meal.

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