Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crazy January Start Two - Blackwork Challenge Two

I had the idea, while I was mulling over my selections for this year's challenge, that I wanted to do more blackwork.  I also wanted to do some stash busting.  And I wanted to be somewhat frugal.  Enter this Tam's Creations freebie.  It hit all the buttons above, except for fabric.  I didn't have my fabric stash with me, so I had to buy the linen.  Buying stitching linen in Fort Worth is hard!  The needlepoint places don't carry any.  I had bought the filament silk on a whim a week previous, and this allowed me to use it, too.


Kathie said...

Thanks for the link to this, Meg. I actually went to the website and looked at their great designs. Bookmarked for future reference. I have the GCC Blackwork Roses and this would be a great companion piece as a tablecloth/doily.

I am curious as to how you manage to get so much stitching done. I see your new start every day for January, but how does your rotation work after the new starts? Kathie

Meg Welch said...

Hi Kathie-

Glad I could help enable! As for the rest, I make stitching a priority. My husband knows that if I don't stitch, I get grumpy. Usually I stitch every day, but that's been really hard with all the travel lately. I've also ended up stitching less over the past year because I went to work part time. You can see my rotation on the sidebar; I work on whatever is next in line daily, putting in two lengths of thread every time. I also try to take one item on the rotation and work on it daily for the same amount. At the moment, it's the Hummingbird Knot Garden. Anyway, there's no magic formula and I feel like I get less done than most people!