Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Mistake

We were driving across Tennessee and it was time for lunch.  We didn't want fast food, so we went to Cracker Barrel, as we were in the middle of no where.  It was a big mistake.  The waitress was obviously at the end of her shift and not wanting to be there.  Our food was downright tawdry.  My open roast beef sandwich was supposed to have gravy on it.  Instead, it had just drippings.  The sandwich itself wasn't warm, either.  They managed to not mess up the cole slaw and okra, but that's it.  Getting ranch dressing from the waitress for the okra was a challenge, too.

Andreas' reuben was likewise unappetizing.  It was greasy and lukewarm.  Going to McDonald's would have been a better option.  Cracker Barrel's quality has fallen far downhill.


Shebafudge said...

Sorry you had a rubbish meal. It must be bad when even McDonalds is more appealing!

Meg Welch said...

It happens when you're traveling. You have to stay in a place a while to find what's good. All over the experience now!