Friday, January 31, 2014

Wine And Dine

 We went to Lisina Restaurant at Mandola winery a couple of days after Christmas.  It's about an hour outside of Fredericksburg, but it's got a really beautiful atmosphere.  Andreas took photos of the wine bottle because it had a local label but was made in Italy, so was a true chianti.  I had forgotten how much I'd liked chiantis.  It'd been a long time.  

Both Andreas and I had pizza.  Mine's the one with the green on top.  We also had a meat and cheese tray between the three of us, and I had pumpkin soup, the small size.  Mom had scallops again.  Everything tasted very good.  It was also, as you can see, gorgeously presented.  The last two photos are of the interior and exterior, showing how the place fits into its location.

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