Monday, January 20, 2014

Gone To Gaido's

 There's a place in Galveston that's been there for so long I doubt anyone remembers its opening.  It's called Gaido's, and it's where the locals go for good food.  I hadn't been there in nearly three decades, but my boss wanted me to check it out for work reasons, so w went while we were in Galveston.  It's right on the seawall, and  the food is fresh and wonderful.  I started out with a margarita.  There was an order of fried oysters for the table.  They were hot and crispy and chewy and juicy all at the same time.

 I had some lobster bisque, which had chunks of lobster in it and a nice tomato base.  
The others had some stuffed fried bread, too, and Andreas' father had the daily special, which involved shrimp and some kind of fish I'd never heard of.

Andreas' mother had a seafood sampler, and it was huge.  Andreas' whole chicken breast smothered in cheesy sauce looked tiny next to it.  

Some people had grilled tomatoes covered in cheese as a side, including Andreas' uncle, who had shrimp and grits.

The steak was mine!  I had remembered that their steak was wonderful, and despite the bisque and oysters above, I am -not- a seafood person.  It truly was properly done, juicy, and perfect. I'm not sure who had the shrimp below as part of their meal, but the presentation is lovely.  Overall, especially if you're a fan of good seafood, Gaido's is a great place to go.  And if you don't like the seafood, I recommend the New York strip.

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