Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Mexican!

Our second visit to Esperanza's Cafe in Fort Worth was as good as our first.  We had nachos, and got a major plate full.  They were hot and fresh, too.  Andreas' taco had great shredded meat, and his burrito was so stuffed he couldn't finish it.  I had caldo de res.  I guess I look too Anglo, because the waiter looked at me funny when I ordered it.  Considering I've been eating it since I was a teenager and I make it myself, he shouldn't have!  Anyway, it was excellent.  Unlike a lot of TexMex food, caldo is not meant to be spicy.  It's the Mexican version of beef stew served to be wrapped in tortillas with a side of rice.  To me, it's comfort food, and it hit the spot.  Makes me want to make more, but I'm pretty much the only one who eats it here in Moldova.  It's not one of Andreas' favorites and guests are just baffled by it.

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